Thanksgiving Tablescape

November 22, 2016

Neutral Thanksgiving Tablescape

Growing up I always went to my Aunt Roses farmhouse on Thanksgiving, her farmhouse was over 200 years old & was so amazingly beautiful & has some amazing history. (I may do a whole blog post on that later & share some photos, she has some awesome stories too!). I loved that old house so much...the house was always so warm & cozy & she always had the best feast. I have so many good memories at that house not only at Thanksgiving, but year round too. They sold the farmhouse a few years back, but that will always be the Thanksgiving house to me. 
Since joining the military & getting married, we've only been home for one Thanksgiving since. I get so home sick at this time of year, but I do all that I can to make our home feel warm & cozy like Aunt Roses! Although its just my hubby & I, I cook & deck the halls out like we're having a party for 50! I know I go a little over board, but when my husband tells me how much he appreciates how I go all out for holidays, it truly makes my day & makes it well worth it. I hope that when we have our babies one day, they will have that same warm & cozy feeling that I always had at Aunt Roses.

I thought it would be fun to dress the table with you & show you each step as I go!
Here's how the dining room looked before I got started. 

Not so cute, but it will be soon! I started by adding a white tablecloth. I will be adding a few different layers & textures & wanted a solid starting point.

Next a lace tablecloth from H&M from a few years back, but a vintage one would be AMAZING.

& next a linen table runner from Homegoods, again from a few years back. I really shopped around the house this year for a lot of the items! 

I still haven't found our plate chargers from the move, but was wanting new ones anyways, so I went out this past weekend to look for some & totally forgot...oh well! So at this point you can add your chargers, mine won't have any this year! hehe! So skipping the chargers, I next added the dinner plates.

Then the napkins.

Next I added my ikea saucer plates.

Now for some color. On the two ends I wanted to do it a little different than the four middle settings, so I used two small bowls & added a gala apple in each. & placed flatware pouches on the four middles settings. 

These adorable flatware pouches I picked up at World Market (this year) for 20% off $12.99 for a set of four. Thought that was an awesome price.

I got new drinking glasses this year as well from dollar tree! Yes, these gorgeous glasses were only $1 each & I think they're simply perfect!

Here's the silverware in the cute pouches!

Now to the fun stuff! I wanted this big gorgeous soft orange color pumpkin to be my centerpiece. I just love the color of this beauty so much.

I found this burlap ribbon laying round & added it to the center to tie in with the burlap pouches.

I love these greenery branches, I use them year round in so many different ways. I got them at Michaels a few years ago, but they always have very similar ones out! Best time to check for them is early Spring!

Next is my favorite thing ever to decorate with, CANDLES!!! I love them! You will never enter our home without a candle burning. Everything about them screams cozy to me.

I wanted to add more reds, oranges & yellows so I added these faux apples from World Market. Wish I had more real gala apples, but didn't. These worked perfect though!

I always have a cozy throw blanket & pillow on our two end chairs. This gather pillow adds that perfect cozy touch.

Okay, its time to light those candles.

& here is our table complete...

I love how our Thanksgiving tablescape turned out & I think Aunt Rose would love it too. Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog & watching me decorate our cozy little dining room. I'm so beyond thankful for each of you & I hope you each have the best Thanksgiving day ever! 
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Love, Jessica

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